Sleepy Antibacterial Wipes 70pcs x 1080 Packs (pallet deal)

£648.00 +VAT

Save 40% on our Sleepy wet wipes pallet deal – only 60p per pack.

Sleepy wet wipes are alcohol-free, antibacterial & antimicrobial wet wipes ideal for disinfecting hands. Kills 99.99% of most common germs, with fast acting antimicrobial properties. Disinfects without the need for soap and water anytime and anywhere. Ideal for mobile workers such as drivers where soap and water may not always be available.

Each pack of Sleepy wipes contains 70 lightly scented wipes with a resealable lid for extra freshness.

Active Ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride.

Please note: The pallet of sleepy wipes contains 90 cartons of 12 packs – a total of 1080 packs or an impressive 75,600 large wipes. Delivery will be made via pallet courier within 3-5 days, so a forklift will be required on site. Tail lift is available if required, please enter in the order notes to ensure this is booked for you. Delivery day will be confirmed by email prior to dispatch.

Our pallet deal provides excellent value for money, saving 40% on the standard carton price, however our Sleepy wet wipes can also be purchased by the carton here for £1 per pack.

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